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Albert Hourani, full Albert Fadlo Hourani (Arabic: ألبرت فضلو حوراني‎; March 31, 1915, Manchester, United Kingdom – January 17, 1993, Oxford, United Kingdom), the son of Fadlo and Sumaya Hourani, immigrants from Marjayun, Lebanon, was a reknowned scholar and author on Middle Eastern history.[1]


  • Islam in European Thought (1991)
  • A History of the Arab Peoples (1991)
  • Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age 1798 -1939 (1983)
  • Emergence of the Modern Middle East (1981)
  • Minorities in the Arab World (1981)
  • Europe and the Middle East (1980)
  • Western Attitudes Towards Islam (Montefiore Memorial Lecture) (1974)


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