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Azmi Bishara (Arabic: عزمي بشارة‎) (born July 22, 1956, Nazareth, Israel), is a Palestinian Arab writer and intellectual. He was a member of the Israeli Knesset for 4 terms (1996-2007) and founding member of the National Democratic Assembly (Arabic: التجمع الوطني الديمقراطي), representing the Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel under the banner of national democratic values.[1]


  • The Glorious Tunisian Revolution: Analysis of Process and Structure (2012)
  • Revolution and Susceptibility to Revolution (2011)
  • The Meaning of being an Arab in Present (2009)
  • The Arab Question (2007)
  • From the Jewishness of the State to Sharon (2004)
  • Theses on a Deferred Awakening (2002)
  • The Palestinian Intifada and its reflections in the Israeli public opinion (2001)
  • The Arabs in Israel- a view from within (1999)
  • A Reading in a Ruptured Political Discourse, 1998)
  • On the Construction of Identities (1997, Editor).
  • A Contribution to the Criticism of Civil society (1996)
  • The Enlightenment- an Unfinished Project (1995, Editor)

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